What we do

A new standard of living

Can you imagine a home that fits seamlessly around our modern, technology driven, often hectic lifestyles? Reducing stress and increasing our happiness and wellbeing?

Well that’s what we do every day. Our expertise in architecture, conceptual visualisation and brand creation give us unique and innate understanding of people, society, the built environment and their influences on the needs and desires of modern living.

From identifying the market opportunity through design and build, to creating compelling, customer-focussed stories, we can help companies to create truly unique homes that are far more aspirational, relevant and exciting than what their competitors produce.

Because our belief is simple: people will pay more for a home that resonates with them on both a practical and emotional level.

The services we offer:


Inspired by insights. Powered by people.

A people-first approach that’s driven by consumer research and segmentation and is inspired by key consumer trends and societal research.


Though understanding comes innovation.

As Henry Ford once pointed out “If I’d asked people what they wanted they would have said a faster horse”.

We believe it pays to understand, not simply what people desire, but what upcoming technologies could meet these desires. That’s why we make sure we’re constantly on top of societal macro-trends and analysis of the roles of technology and wellbeing in the home.


Analyse. Define. Defend.

People need good reasons to buy a home and, in a market full of bland, vacuous claims, we help you define your ‘why’:

  • Why your product should be a certain way.
  • Why it is better than the rest.
  • Why people should live there.
  • And most importantly why they should pay the price you’re asking.


Believing is seeing.

The best ideas start with a story, and the best stories are a mix of the visual and verbal.

That’s why our team of Oscar nominated designers and visualisers obsess about bringing your story to life in the richest, most evocative way possible. To capture imaginations and make concepts as compelling as possible.

Design Guide

Where aspiration meets application.

We translate the brand and insights into a design and technical language that is understandable to architects, interior designers, engineers and contractors. Our Design Guide sets out the design principles/rules, the building performance parameters and the specification to ensure our ideas can be practically and creatively integrated into the design and construction of a building.

Ultimately the ideas generated need to be incorporated in the contract documents which inform the design teams and become part of the contractual obligations.


Your promise. Delivered.

It is important that your brand and design objectives are properly applied to your project. We ensure the consistent application of all these objectives through all stages from inception to operation.

  • We produce a design guide for your project that provides high level descriptions of all the elements that must be included in the project proposal
  • We produce an enhanced design guide provides details of strategic design and technical objectives.
  • We provide a monitoring role to guide and assist the Project Team in the application of your brand and design objectives.
  • We use our network of architects and designers to develop the design and specification for your project and see it through to completion.
  • Project review project and feedback.